Things to Ask a Dental Implant Dentist in Charlotte NC

Most people have fear of the dentist, but most of this fear is due to the thought of pain. Is implant placement painful? No! As a rule, implantation is performed minimally and invasively under local anesthesia; this procedure is painless and generally takes only 20 minutes per implant. Thanks to the high-precision 3D diagnostics used by each Dental implant dentist charlotte NC, the important nerves and vessels of the mouth are not injured.

For larger interventions, for example, and if several implants are used at once, the operation can also be performed under full anesthesia or partial anesthesia. Anesthesia is initiated and monitored by a professional anesthetist. Modern narcotic drugs are so gentle that nausea and other unpleasant after-effects hardly ever occur. However, after the procedure, slight swelling may occur. As a rule, no pain occurs which cannot be remedied with conventional pain medication. And there are also solutions for patients who have problems with anxiety.

A dental implant can last a lifetime. Due to the excellent material properties of titanium and zirconium oxide (ceramics), the implant itself does not age. However, maintenance of the implant and implant-supported dentures are important tasks to consider when carrying out good oral hygiene and care. A regular prophylaxis program in the dentist’s office is specially designed for dental implants. The basic prerequisite for a long-term success is that the intervention is carried out by a highly-qualified team.

What is the cost of an implant or implant-supported dentures? The cost of an implant-supported prosthesis is greater than single implant placement, of course. But the final costs will depend, for example, on whether bone restructuring is required. Dentists also determine which implant system is used and which method is used (bone structure, immediate implantation, all-on-4 method, etc.).

In general, it can be said that the cost of an implant with crown, including labor, will run a patient anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. The exact cost is prepared by each dental practice after careful dental and radiological examination. Scheduling a consultation is the only way to determine whether the dentist chosen is the right one, which also includes going over particulars and prices.