Ideas for Dyeing Deep Purple Hair to Achieve Your Dream Shade

To accomplish a deep purple hair shade, you will need to understand the tricky process of dealing with purple colour especially because this is not a process you will not pull of in one sitting. Again, you will require to refresh it from time to time to keep the look.

Purple hue is not a common colour found in hair colour spectrum and requires extra special maintenance to accomplish your dream shade. To dye your hair with a deep purple colour, we have highlighted some of the essential things to consider. See more here.

  1. Your Skin Tone Is Imperative in Deciding the Right Colour

When choosing the right hair shade, you are more likely to get the perfect match if you match your best shade to your skin tone. And despite the fact that purple is somehow a weather intolerant colour option, you will need to maintain your skin tone and shade on the same line. Sometimes maybe darker and look bad on pale blonde colours. In this case, you would be compelled to try deep purple hair colour rather than pastel hue.

  1. You Would Have to Be Ready for A Big Day

The dark plum shade maybe so insignificant, but all the same that is what you want to achieve. Keeping your hair ready on the eve of your big day can have a significant impact on the health of your hair. Sometimes bleaching is unavoidable when you want to get vibrant and fun shades, so using moisturizing products to treat your hair before you visit your hair stylist is highly advised.

  1. You Will Need A Bleach

To transform your white hair into a deep purple hair, bleaching is an integral part of the process. First, begin the process by lightning the roots. Afterward, you can dye your hair with purple colour. For the base colour, you can opt for either light yellow or pure white. However, bear in your mind that the bleaching process it time consuming and can damage your hair.

  1. For Brunettes, Warm Purple Works Better

Regardless of the which colour purple, you select, it is worth noting that lifting and bleaching is an integral part of the entire process. The warm purple is easier to create, but it will need lifting to do away with red undertones.

  1. These Shades Are Temporary

While deep purple hair gives you a beautiful look, remember that bold colours as these aren’t permanent. They tend to fade quickly, so keeping the look fresh can be a daunting task. This colour fade is inevitable, but you can take some measures to make it last longer. These measures include not washing your hair regularly, keeping off from swimming pools and not basking in the sun.

  1. But Is Worth All the Maintenance

If deep purple hair is what you have dreamed of, then nothing should stand in your way.