4 Things for Patients to Know About Breast Enhancement

A breast augmentation can transform a patient’s appearance and it can change the way they feel as well. Those considering breast enhancement can get details here by learning several things they should know before the procedure.

Most Patients Love the Results

Many patients feel nervous about how they’ll feel and look after augmentation, and this is quite common. However, the surgeon can alleviate a patient’s concerns. A study found that almost 98% of patients believed that their results met or surpassed expectations. Chances are, a patient will love her new look, and the surgeon will do his or her best to ensure complete satisfaction.

Silicone and Saline Both Have Advantages

The choice between saline and silicone can be a complex one, but the patient doesn’t have to decide alone. A surgeon will work with the patient to choose the right implant type. The benefits of saline and silicone are listed below.

  • Saline implants are typically cheaper than those made of silicone, and they result in smaller incisions. If a saline implant bursts, the solution is absorbed by the patient’s body. However, they can be uncomfortable when it’s cold out, as the implant doesn’t always reach body temperatures.

  • Silicone implants feel very natural, and they have a lower rate of rupture than saline implants. If they do burst, it’s hard to detect. These implants require regular inspection to ensure continued integrity.

They Eventually Need Replacing

When a patient first gets implants, they should plan on future procedures. Most women will eventually need to replace their implants, but it can take decades. Breast implants are long-lasting, but ruptures and leaks may occur. Some patients choose implant removal or exchange at a later time, to reflect changes in their needs and lifestyle.

It’s Important to Choose the Right Surgeon

The primary factor in the success of a breast augmentation is the patient’s choice of surgeon. It’s vital to choose a board-certified, experienced cosmetic surgeon for this procedure, to minimize risk and ensure beautiful, natural-looking results. Visit the website to learn more about breast augmentation, or call today to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon.