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What Makes Origami a Good Learning Tool to a Child

The art of paper folding and turning it into a three-dimensional form which originated from Japan is Origami. During the old era, wealthy people were the only ones who can practice origami because paper was costly back then. As the cost of paper became affordable to all, almost everyone started to join in the fun of forming art through origami.

During the 1900’s, Origami became known worldwide. Origami is not an art that is limited to those who only know it because this art form just required learning the techniques and following instructions on how to fold properly the piece of paper. It is not only known to be popular for adults as a teaching and therapeutic means, but to children as well.

There are benefits that children get from from knowing and practicing origami. Hand-eye movement and coordination is enhanced early with the help of origami, including the child’s ability to read and follow directions. It is also proven to be a brain stimulator of the speech area.

There are other benefits aside from the development of the child. Origami helps the child not only with the reading and understanding of sequences, but also with its mathematical skills and spatial relations

Teachers have been using origami to make teaching concepts of mathematics easier. This is because children enjoy this form of art where just a piece of paper can be transformed into a three-dimensional object, and at the same time, help them learn more skills. Difficult concepts can also be developed when doing origami such as understanding fractions, symmetry, proportions, angles and geometric shapes and other forms.

Origami also enhances learning social studies and social sciences. Educators believe that children have a better understanding on multiple cultures and let them get involved with creative writing such as poetry and literature.

When it comes to a child’s emotions, origami is believed to help the child’s self-esteem and attention span, as well as improving the memory and widening their imagination. A child can also feel stressed and anxious but doing origami can help fix that. The child will be concentrated on finishing the project rather than focusing on the things that causes the stress.

It is also considered to be an exciting activity for the family as it involves interaction between the child and parents. It is an inexpensive way to create an enjoyable time with the family as it only requires papers.

Some children want to learn things on their own and origami is a good activity to kill boredom. A child will feel accomplished when it has created something it could only imagine at first. One can tell how happy a child feels once he or she shows the completed project to its close friends and family members.

The famous origami is probably the crane but there are other forms that starters can easily creates such as the origami flowers or roses. To learn more on on how to fold a traditional origami and where to buy an origami paper, click here.

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